I my computer will not let me install steam i suggest you please make use able to use cheats on games from the google play store

hi please make this posible

Isn’t the play store only mobile games?

And why would you not be able to install steam on your PC ?

Trainers are for PC games, not mobile games. Most mobile games are server-sided and require an internet connection, so about, at an educated guess, 98% of mobile games would be impossible to cheat in using trainer-like software. Unless you hack them, which is illegal. In other words, your suggestion is not possible. And even if it was it would be too uneconomic when you consider the limited amount of apps you’d be able to use it in versus the cost of development and maintenance.

If your PC won’t install Steam then it probably means you don’t own the PC (ie - family member’s with parental controls, a work PC or a school PC). Or you own a ChromeBook, which cannot run .exe files. Maybe earn some money to buy a PC you can game on (mow lawns, wash cars, etc).