I need 1 or 2 more for a level 22 weekly strike (Easy)

I have tried it alone, but I can’t beat the archon priest, if anyone can help me post your GT below.

Note: I am on the Xbox 360, so I need level 22’s and above for this strike. Also I am a level 26, but they have damage boost and also they spawn in larger hordes.

PM me your GT because my brother and I are trying to do the Nightfall.
…the Weekly version of the mission isn’t complicated so we can help.

I can help too for any weekly. Always looking for more 360 players, PM me your gamertag

Sorry I didn’t get to you, me and Luke ended up beating the weekly strike, then me and Luke got like 4 more people (including SNiPaZoR) and we did the Vault of Glass and we are going to continue the Vault of Glass tomorrow.

I’ll still PM you my GT though for I could help you with strikes/raids and you can help me as well. Also we could also just play any games, since I cleared out my friends list recently so I do not have a lot of friends at the moment, so I am always welcome to add more friends!

All good, I just added you. Been playing with Snipazor & Jay recently. Jay actually already helped me beat the weekly heroic & nightfall strikes. I’m always down for looting raid chests though.

Sounds good man, Jay never talks to me… :anguished:

Hey nick, feel free to add me. I have both systems but I am on my 360 more than my one. I decided to take a break from the 360 to help my brother out on the one.

Okay, I will PM you my GT right now.

Recently I’ve been trying to just complete the daily bounties and such than switch to my second Hunter; I’m trying to level it to a Lvl. 20 so I can transfer all my main gear over and redo things like the Daily, Weekly, Nightfall, and Raid for more loot.

If anyone ever wants another X360 Destiny than just PM me your GT.

yo man i like to help people its what i do if u need help in any sort or shape of way i can help u my gamertag is XGNxSWEETxPLUM ill open up a slot on my friends list if u want to add me just make sure u let me know where i met u lol make sure u tell me ur the guy i was texting online so i can remember to help ucause i have short term memory and i forget things easily:lol::stuck_out_tongue: