I need a little assistance

Hey guys, I was wondering how do I change installation paths for my games the settings section doesn’t have an option???, Thanks in Advance

Click on the game then click “Find Game” Infinity will automatically find games installed through steam, origin, ect.

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I have 2 versions of Mass Effect, 1 with single player in-game controller support mod & 1 with Multiplayer in-game controller support mod, so how do I choose different installation paths?

Infinity automatically picks the correct binary to launch the game.

I’ve personally never tried doing it this way but I assume you can change the path at
c:\users%username%\appdata\roaming\daring development\infinity\cache\installations.json

Whatever happen to the options where u can change installation paths & reset installation paths?

Game detection was improved with V2 and the options weren’t seen as necessary any further. Yes people use modded version of the game but we have said from the get go we will only officially support the retail version of the game. We haven’t really had anyone request an option to be able to reset/change install paths since the update so I’m not even sure if it is a planned feature at this point in time.