I need forza 4 savegame!

My forza savegame crash. I was almost finish my game but now his not working. please give me a forza 4 savegame

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Just create a new one?

Yes but I lost all my achievement.

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If you create a new save you will still have all your gamer score and stuff, that is on your profile.

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What do you mean “You lost all of your achievements”?
If you mean Xbox Live Achievements just use the achievement unlocker.

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Only way you would have lost all your achievements is if you played Forza offline, deleted your account and recovered it without going onto Xbox Live before you deleted it.

Transfering game saves on Forza is not possible, atleast from what I know. There was a lock on the gamesaves that even with swapped IDs would just say you’re loading up a profile that isn’t yours/is corrupted.

I lost all the races I had done. That’s why I am looking for a savegame.I do not to start from the begining.

Forza 4 Ultimate Game save - The Tech Game

There is a Ultimate game save.


Well like Stevie said above you won’t be able to use someone else’s save.

Tank you VeNiiMxModz you got what I need !!

Yes you can, but you have to decrypt the save with the original profile id, and encrypt it with the new one.

This Will do it

why cant i mod the unicorns in my garage from the diamond garage editor says i can only do it with an offline profile