I NEED HELP! | HotSwapped Xbox Trouble ( WAW ISO DISK)

Okay so I haven’t played on my HotSwapped Xbox for like years now, so when I tried to hot swapped with the Motion Flex disc with my WAW Disk apparently it stops loading at 98% WHEN IT WAS CLOSE OF FINISHING UP INSTALLING! I tried cleaning my disks, I tried to re-do it again and I tried to watch videos on it but nothing works! I though it was because my xbox was dirty or my disks aren’t working but it keeps saying Disk is unreadable, its either dirty or scratched. Please try again later! Similar to what it has said to me. I was struggling to get it started once again, but no matter what strategy I do it or what way I do it, it just doesn’t seem to work each time! Today I tried to clear cache and yet it doesn’t have a single effect on it. Maybe some of you guys could help me out? I really need help cause I am just stressed as it is to get it working again. The first time it worked but now it won’t anymore and I just don’t know why!

How old is the disc? I have about 200 backup burns for a flashed 360. They were all burnt around 2008-2012 and all worked perfectly back then and up to like 2015, I broke out the flashed 360 about a year ago and about 30 of the games would give the same Disk Unreadable error or start and then crash not to long after playing. Discs can start to deteriorate, even if you can’t see it with your eye, mainly blank record-able ones but I’ve seen it with legit retail audio CDs and game discs that weren’t stored properly, for example high heat, long time humidity, or cheap low cost discs, etc… can damage them. I would suggest trying to burn a new fresh Motion Flex disc and see if that helps. I cleaned the laser lens on my 360 and it didn’t help me but you could try that and see if it makes any difference. Since you’re getting to 98% install take a close look around the outer edge of the disc bottom and see if it looks odd at all. If you Google disc rot you’ll see what I’m talking about. Good luck with it!

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@SteveWonda i have a gta v copy and disk 2 occasionally shows disc unreadable or just blacks out. its brand new

Have you tried installing both discs? That’s how I have my GTA V setup on both of my RGHs and I believe back when it first came out and I played it on a retail 360 I had both discs installed as well. I think it was something like disc 1 on the internal HDD and disc 2 on a flash drive, or vice-versa, but it worked and loaded much faster than running the “play” disc in the optical drive.

@phenom6969. Come on you spammed in like 8 threads already.
Steve is helping you

@SteveWonda I’m sticking to the disc. I dont have that much storage. Also Rockstar Games says not to install the game (disc 2) cos it will degrade the games overall quality. Also it takes forever to load and if u install its just…too worse loading time

Not on my end of my 360s. Having both discs installed only helps for me. I recommend clearing some space and trying it.

K i will look into it.

Also i have a doubt. I messed with Hexic HD and the corruption went away. Same results on 3 avatar items and Aegis Wing. Xcept cant use any of them :expressionless:

Is this a breakthrough or just a false alarm ie a dead end.

BTW retail xbox 360 not modded @SteveWonda

100% false alarm. You can edit profile IDs etc… for 25 hours a day and none of it’s going to work on a retail 360. The only stuff you can get to work is DRM-Free content, game saves, and then stuff like GPS(modded or not) and title updates. Maybe a few other minor things, but nothing else. That’s why we have modified 360s, Jtag & RGH. If you can find one for cheap or a trade I’d think about grabbing one. Everything you want to do plus so much more is possible with one.

@SteveWonda Thanks for clearing that up. I am also looking for flashed ones but where i live chances of even an xbox is astronomically low. Anyways, I’ll just keep trying.

Flashed only offer…well you know. Where are you from?

@SteveWonda In the most remote village in Far End of South Asia :grin: :grin: :grin:


Wow! I was almost going to see if we could work something out for my second RGH as i really don’t need more than 1… but it probably wouldn’t even make it to you in 1 piece or at all!


@SteveWonda Aah…too bad i wanted one too. :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: