I need help - Modding State of Decay on Xbox 360

can some one help me with modding state of decay xbox 360 i just want a link to state of decay trainer xbox 360

Do you have a jtag or rgh?
Iā€™m guessing Google would be the best bet
Should be still easy to find one. I know I have one or two trainers on my rgh

i never got a jtag for my 360 im going back to xbox because of the stupid encrypted ps4 saves are impossible to mod

if i upload a google drive link can someone mod my save

can someone ether put a trainer on my save or use the horizon save editor then put the new save on google drive then share it back to this post thanks https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RZRhHvQiTMtOy5HGlGyADhwc1mDXGPB7/view

its an xbox 360 save

You need to have a jtag or rgh xbox360 to use trainers.

Check out TheTechGame for already modded saves. You will need Diamond for Horizon to edit the IDs once you get a save. @ptondo is right for any game mods. You will need a hardmodded 360 [RGH or JTAG] to use any type of trainer or live mod with your 360.

Let us know if you need anything else :slight_smile:

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