I need help with my USB problem guys

I have the latest version of horizon and btw thanks for the good work guys its a great modding tool
but my problem is my USB doesnt show in horizon i tried everything configure it , format it , run horizon as admin
formating the windows i had XP SP3 and now i have win 7 ultimate so if anyone can help plz write something , my USB is showing in PC normally its 8GB


Tried un-installing it then installing it again?

Yes I did and it didnt work at all :anguished:

Is your USB FAT32 and formatted to support Xbox 360 Consoles?

yes it is as you said .

Have you tried running Horizon as administrator yet? If you haven’t, right click on the Horizon shortcut and click Run as Administrator.

If that doesn’t help try reinstalling Horizon one more time please. From the link I’m leaving below. Good luck.

Download Latest Horizon: https://www.horizonmb.com/client/v2/latest.php

thank you man i tried and still nothing at all.