I need help with terraria custom maps

I downloaded some custom maps from curse, but im having trouble getting them to work. when i replace my new worlds with the custom maps (save, rehash and resign) and try to access them from the thumb drive, it just shows “empty” maps. Am i doing something wrong?

Have you changed the IDs to yours?

I havent seen anything in the tutorials about having to change id’s. Can i get a walk through?

If what I’m reading is correct, he replaced the contents of the file into his old one, so I think the id’s are the one from his old save.

Correct me if i’m wrong, not sure.

yes, i transferred my gamer profile and 7 “new” maps to usb. Inserted usb into my pc, opened horizon. Opened Terraria<Worlds<right clicked on each world “replacing” the worlds with ones i downloaded from curse. Saved, rehashed, resigned. double clicked my gamer profile, saved, rehashed and resigned. ejected usb. inserted usb into my xbox 360. went to load my worlds, but it says empty. as if no worlds are there??? I’ve looked at several tutorials (which all seem to be exact copies of each other) and i’m doing exactly what it says but with no luck.

When you put your usb back into your 360 and strat up Terraria are you selecting to load from your hard drive instead of the usb? I always move my modded saves back to my hard drive after modding them.

yeah im loading from usb, got a couple of maps to show up, but they say failed to load… could you give me a step by step tut on how you do it? i have the latest update of horizon and the latest terraria update. im stumped!

Are you replacing the file that you find inside the Contents tab of one of your new worlds when it’s opened in Horizon? Try it that way, and then save, rehash, and resign twice.

sorry was washing dishes, do i have to transfer my gamer profile every time i do this? or just the world save? and i’ll try rehashing twice.

You could just dupe the profile file. But as long as the id’s match it should work.

STILL getting load failed!!! I’ve literally done everything exact, in order as the tuts.