I need help!

I can’t run horizon. i have installed it, i have windows totally up to date, but the program doesn’t run. Sometimes the process start but the window does not open, y can not use it… WHAT CAN I DO?

i have windows 7 ultimate

i have installed an older version 2.7.3 and it worked but i cannot connect to horizon servers and i can’t Update it HEEEELLPPP PLEAAASEEE!!!

Do you have the latest framework?

Uninstall Horizon and download it from this link : https://www.horizonmb.com/client/v2/Horizon.Setup.v2.8.0.1.exe

Make sure you disable any anti-virus.
Allow Horizon through your firewall.
Make sure you have the latest Framework.

If none of these responses work for you, I will try to fix the problem through Teamviewer.

i have done everything you sayed!!

Do you want me to teamview with you and fix the problem hands on?

and it didn’t work :anguished::(:(:(:frowning:

What didn’t work exactly? Do you even know what Teamviewer is?

yes i know i’m not so stupid what you told me doesn’t work

ok i accept but my computer is in spanishh
im trying to install net framework 4.5.2

if i fail again we do it on the team view

I never called you stupid, but I might also add that I didn’t tell you anything, I just clarified that if none of the options above work I will help you hands on through Teamviewer.

Here is a little about the program:

Teamviewer is a program that let’s me take control of your computer to help you with your problem. The program is 100% safe you can stop me from controlling your computer at anytime.

Download Teamviewer

i doesn’t work neither, could you give me a hand by teamviewer?

could you help me using teamviewer?

i already have teamviewer installed