I need your help going pro

I have been using WeMod for quite a long time now and I would like to go pro. I am a student and sixteen years old so 70$ are a lot of money for me. However I have decided that I am going to go pro and spend the 70$ on a membership that lasts one year (although I would prefer a system where you pay once and get it for lifetime, I do see the point of this subscription system though). Now the thing is that I usually buy games by asking my parents, having them pay the games and then I give them the money. The problem is that usually I only buy games when they’re at least 50% off or smth like that so I usually never buy games priced at more thanm 30€. I don’t know if my parents will accept my desire to pay a whole 602€ for a subscription of something that isn’t even a game or anything like that. I mean they understand that paying 30€ for a game you will have a lot of fun with and own forever (if the publishers/steam doesn’t screw you, cuz techinically that’s only a subscription aswell and it can be cancelled any time by the publishers/steam) but will they be ok with me getting this kinda thing?
It’s not that I am that keen on being called a “pro” in the forums or being able to use interactive controlls, it’s just that I enjoy the trainers on WeMod so much.

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Well thanks If you buy pro. I bought it to support the dev’s here. And I love the phone app too can never go back now ! It’s a little rough at 16 I guess been a long time since I was that age !!
Well have fun with phine app it’s great
Will have to do extra chores around the house tell them.

The money isn’t the really the problem,I am not that poor, just cautios with how I spend my money - it’s about convincing them that it is not a waste of money to get it.

But thanks for helping me :slight_smile:

I’m not using wemod enough to go pro, this like the 10th time I’ve even opened it’s just no worth the purchase for me but if you use it enough, then go pro if that’s what you want! :slight_smile: