I paid for a 'Diamond' subscription but still cannot access all the file modders

Please help… I have been a paying customer for 4 months but recently I cannot access all the content I need. I logged into my account but it still prompts me to upgrade to diamond.

Do you get any kinda error about not being able to connect to the servers and are you using the newest version of Horizon?

No, there are no error messages. I do have the latest version of Horizon and I update everytime I open the program. Whenever I open Horizon it prompts me to install the latest version.

Nevermind, I somehow forgot I made two accounts. One has a ‘Diamond’ and the other does not. I’m sorry for wasting your time and thank you for your help. You guys have an amazing product and even better staff.

Take care

how do I delete my other account? The account name is xMRVLx RONIN and the password is themyth467.

Never post your password on here.

Try this: [Click]

*Another member on here helped someone earlier with this same problem and used this to fix the problem.

Best of luck!