I purchase points, past approval point and still no mod

I have a question that I think you may be able to answer I purchased a whole bunch of wemod points for the final fantasy 15 windows edition on the xbox or the windows store and it still hasn’t been approved its way beyond the point of approval. yet no mod has been made. So what’s really the purpose of having wemod if you request a mod and purchase a whole bunch of points but yet the mod isn’t made.


Thank you for purchasing WePoints, it helps the developers. However, you need to be a bit more patient. The trainer makers will get around to making the trainer when they can. Bear in mind:

  • There are other games that are in their to-do list to get through which reached the required number of request points first.
  • It is not quick nor easy making a trainer for a game.
  • On top of the time it takes to make a trainer, the trainer also needs to be tested before it’s released.
  • The three trainer makers here on WeMod are human, not robots. They need sleep, food, family time and weekends off, just like the rest of us.
  • If a pre-planned update for a game is going to be released soon, the trainer makers may be holding back on releasing a trainer until after the impending update, otherwise the pre-planned game update will break the trainer so soon after it was published.

You’ll need to learn to be patient. It’ll get done when someone is available to do it.

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