I really need help

i just brought diamond for horzion and everytime i try to use the achievement unlocker it crashes:’(:’(

Try uninstalling Horizon, and then downloading from the link in my signature.

Also, what Anti-virus are you using?

I’ve been trying to download horizon for my son… We had it yesterday but today its apparently got files missing??? Just tried the one in your signature, but that fails to load, any ideas?

It fails to load what…? Does it not download the program? If so, it’s most likely your anti-virus. AVG is known to cause issues with the Horizon download & install process. Disable AVG or whatever anti-virus software you have while doing so and post back to let us know how it goes.

Use Internet Explorer if google chrome blocks the download.

i dont have a antivirus software i downloaded horzion yesterday brought dimaond today i used the gameadder today and when i try to use horzion achievement unlocker its crashes

Are you attempting to unlock all the achievements you have at once? If you have a lot of games it could be too much so I would try maybe a game at a time. You’ll need to be careful modding gamerscore as they can catch it pretty easily sometimes.