I think my twitter account got hacked

I have never been active on twitter and doubt I have posted anything myself. I went to twitter today to enter a giveaway but couldn’t remember my password so I got it reset. As soon as I log in I get a “your account has been closed” pop-up, weird I think. Now I noticed a strange username and a profile picture that I have never seen before. After some additional searching I find out there’s over three thousand tweets in some weird language. I’m very confused.

Here’s the username uf anyone wants to take a look for themself DI Gans @TheZnakeE

Weird someone want to hack a inactive twitter account, i suggest you tell them they can make one for free.
Thats a crazy fact right :open_mouth:

Shhhh that’s a secret you’re not supposed to let people know that they can make an account

update: I discussed this with a cousin and he said that it probably was a bot posting. After some additional snooping around I noticed that pretty much everything “I” posted were retweets. I also translated “my” profile description using google translate and it told me it was written in Indonesian.

If your Twitter was ever attached to your Facebook account, your posts and shares on FB show up in Twitter and vice verse. My account is basically inactive, but I’ve never had a “bot” retweet stuff, change my username and picture, and post in another language that is foreign to me.

This sounds very strange.