I tried voting for Star Wars knights of the old republic II the sith lords but I can't

I tried to vote for the SWKOTOR II the sith lords but I am getting this error,

“There was a problem casting your vote
A creator may already be
developing a trainer for this game.”

this is a single-player game and I can’t find any reason why I can’t vote. Can someone tell me why? Thanks!

Hey @wofuman Somone is Creating one if it says that, I had that problem before and it was because yes the person was making the trainer, so My Suggestion for u is just wait for the trainer to come out.

Game was released years ago. SWKOTOR 1 has mod already. I also found a post that says the same error but its a different game. They say that the game has multiplayer that’s why they don’t support it. This is a SP game hopefully, they really are creating a mod for it.

A trainer cannot be created for this game. Due to the way WeMod is inject the game crashes.

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