I use both Cheat Happens and WeMod, thinking about switching to WeMod full time. Is it good idea?

Keep in mind that on Cheat Happens I’m a free member, I have not set up a premium sub over there. I am a Pro member on WeMod but the sub is currently inactive and will run out this month. I am considering reactivating my Pro sub, but I want to know from the WeMod community if Pro is worth it in the long term and I’ll take your thoughts on it into my own consideration.

I think it is worth it but I’m biased :slight_smile: You can always join our Discord server and ask in the Pro channels what other users think of Pro.

Just remember you can always use WeMod without a Pro subscription if you aren’t sure at the moment.

It is a bit biased, but I understand. You have to promote the service you provide. I will admit from what I’ve used of it so far, it has been extremely useful. Recently I’ve been playing Fable Anniversary on Steam and since I’ve played and beaten the game several dozens times back on the OG Xbox days, I thought “what the hell” and turned myself into a freaking God, lol. It’s been a blast so far.

Like Chris said, wemod is free, so go with what you like. I use wemod for a lot of my games, so I’m a paying member so i could support them.

I have decided to keep using WeMod but I will let my Pro sub run out and continue using the free version.

I use both because i discovered the other guys before wemod. I got grandfathered into life time before they changed it. Both programs work amazingly. If my lifetime wasn’t grandfathered in id be using wemod more. But wemod is fantastic and may be upgrading.