- ICDV2.bat -

I am not tech savvy and i dont know what any of this means. None of my games appear for me and i dont understand what to do.


The program is finally smart enough to launch Infinity from the %localappdata% folder, so you don’t need a shortcut anymore! It works by starting the search at (Infinity) version 0.0.0 and it then works itself up to 9.9.9. Takes some seconds on my crappy laptop so it shouldn’t be very resource intensive. The tool still tries to launch the shortcuts first, the new “looping” feature is used as a backup.

Also noticed that I had written the code wrong oin the manual version, making it unable to launch Infinity. That’s fixed now.

The “could not find Infinity.lnk” error message has been removed by using “if exist” before the start command.

The download count resets after each update. The count should be at around 60-100 total.


thank you so much!

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i tried this but it didn’t work, i opened the file and ran the auto bat and it reloaded infinity but didn’t fix cheats

Also bookmarked. Very helpfull.

i dont wanna delete my cache, did you test it with the new infinity and is still working?

It is still working.
It just deletes the cache nothing else.
Frank said Cache deleting is pointless now but for some it has fixed errors

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just like @sNaKe and @nick_666 friendship , ICDV2 will survive the pass of time