Icon constantly going to system try

on the 7.0 beta, the Wemod icon on the taskbar will randomly go to the system tray (the little arrow in the bottom right where all minimized programs go unless specified to do otherwise).

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Does this happen on app startup, when you close the window (with close to tray disabled), or is does it go there randomly without any interaction?

It happens when closing the app after first starting, or when closing the app when the icon is clicked.

Pay close attention to the bottom right in this video

That is the default behavior (it was the same in v6). You can disable close to tray in the settings.

Twas not. It wouldnt go constantly to the arrow. If I set it to stay near my steam or discord (as shown) it would stay like that when it closes. But now it always closes into the grouped menu, making me have to constantly move it back.

Huh… That’s interesting. Once it moves there, does it ever move back by itself?

Edit: this will be fixed in the next update. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

If I move it back where it is normally and do the same actions, it just always reverts back to the arrow system tray.
Also edit: I just read your P.S: Youre welcome, its something I noticed that changed and it kinda urked me so I thought I should bring it up.

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Correction: It won’t be in the next update. I need to look into it more since Windows has some strange rules with saving tray icon position. It doesn’t seem like something that would have changed since WeMod 6 though :thinking:

In my 5 years here I have never heard or seen that happen so all new to us
I know it’s a different all together thing but when we close wemod it goes to the tray
So I wonder if something on yours is making it go to the tray like it is