I'd like some help please? :)

Hey how’s it going, Look, I’m interested in learning in how to program and code from the beginning, Just start off with learning all the easy stuff and make my progess to the hard stuff, example, Making facebook games ect ect, Does anybody know what and how the best way to start off, I’m not the fastest learner, So i’d take my time over a period of time to understand on what i’d have to do, But i’d get the hang of it, Could anybody point me in the right direction in being able to learn in step by steps, Reading isn’t my strong points, I’d rather have a video tutorial on knowing what to do :smile:

Bumpty :smile:

Reading is really the best way to learn in programming, because what you will be doing is writing.

You can try the tutorials at www.thenewboston.com ,but again, I’d really recommend reading. Taking a class is also much more useful than teaching yourself usually (especially if you are a slower learner)