Idea on how to get NukeTown 2025 free COD: BO2

Alright I have a brilliant idea to get the nuketown 2025 DLC free. I was thinking what if you upload the dlc via usb and open up the dlc file in horizon. Then you save the dlc file on your desktop and you upload it to a file sharing site. Allow somebody to download the dlc and switch profile ID and console id. Do you think its possible?

No, you cant do that with dlc, You can license transfer though.

Iv tried it before, doesn’t work :anguished:

No you can not do that. It is not possible. And yeaah , you can do a License transfer which is possible.

You are able to change the ID’s on the DLC but it won’t make it work on your profile or whatever you put for the profile ID. It will just work for the original profile that downloaded it.

Yeah, your right. It wont. You would need to recover the original profile .

This reminds me, I bought the dlc card on ebay (since I burned the game) and I entered the code but I don’t have Nuketown 2025. Can someone tell me what’s wrong?