[Idea]XMB Game Centre

Well basically a Game Centre for XMB

Now what I mean by that is somewhere like the Game with me section but a little more advanced to make it easier to find peoples Steam names, Gamertags, Origin, etc. Allows you to search by usergroup and stuff.

You can schedule games and put times in which you want to play it on, what platform. Able to close the thread/schedule once you have finished playing. It will also convert the time so it says it in your timezone instead of theirs so everyone knows when it is.

I was planning to add clans as an idea so it would be sort of like Gamebattles where you can play other teams, obviously not as serious but still can be a bit of fun to make an clan and go against other XMB members and clans.

May be messaging system like XMB if people wanted it.

But those are the initial idea I have of it and wondered what you guys would think? I might be able to add leader boards for some games which have an API.

If you guys have any ideas feel free to post them.

I want this

Sounds really nice, it would be an easy way of playing with the community.

Nice idea Dave, now let’s make it happen :smile:

Great idea! :smile:

That would be an amazing idea.

This would be great, It would basically be an automated version of the gaming with the community thread that has minecraft mondays and such. Very nice idea, Kudos to who ever is able to make it happen.

I could implant things like that into it as well so themed gaming nights.

Good Idea Dave, now get out of our skype chat.

Good idea I like it.

Nice idea, now get started at making it happen. :stuck_out_tongue:

Go for it!

great idea dave

This is a good idea and I could see this being implemented greatly. I had an idea like this as well but lack the ability to make something like this actually happen.

Started working on it, finished all the API, setup all the databases and stuff.

I registered for the beta almost a year ago and never got an invite.

another bot…

Good work, this is a great idea. Should bring back some more user interactivity.

Seems like a pretty good idea but there is currently plugins pre-made for vBulletins so would be simple installs.

I will be a part of this.

nice! Any idea when it’ll look polished enough for screenshots?