If wemod automatically adds games to queue

If wemod automatically adds games to queue when enough users have it installed, why were only the numbered kingdom hearts games in, not chain of memories, or birth by sleep, which are all installed together? Is it different for games collection installs?

Good question. The install count is one of the major factors we use to determine which games get added to the queue, but the system isn’t fully automated. We still review each candidate and weigh it with other factors like number of follows (the “Notify me” button), our current queue volume, the complexity of the game, the age of the game, etc.

In this case, the entire Kingdom Hearts collection is over 10 games in one. And with many being ports from portable consoles (GBA, PSP, DS), we want to see how the major ports are received before getting into the others.

I hope that answers your question!

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Yeah that makes sense, thank you for explaining that

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@frank , is there a way to ‘notify me’ of games not in queue?

The “Notify me” button currently only displays on games that require an update, haven’t been tested, or are in the queue. We plan on renaming it to “following” and allowing it for every game in a near-future update. That’ll clear up a lot of confusion :sweat_smile:

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i have wemod, but there is no botton “notify me” anywhere =( and i play subsistence right now, and it needs update on the trainer.