If you are caught modding do you just get you're account banned

I am really new to this whole thing and before i start i’d just like to know what could happen. do you just lose you’re account if you get caught or does the console lose access to xbox live aswell. Thanks.

Depends On what you do
you always have a chance at getting caught when you mod.
If your doing black ops gdp modding dont because you will get perma banned from black ops

All depends on what you do if you mod your gamertag more then likely you will get 9999 ban if you just mod games like forza money or something similar you wont get banned so the mods to get you mostly banned would be

Gpd Mods [Black ops servers]
Avatar Mods
Gamerscore mods

ive got all the halo achievements and im just looking at doing the 7 new achievements on halo: reach. what do you recon the chances are for that.

0% if you set them unlock offline


Your welcome :wink:

You wont get banned for that
Only Reset if they catch you.
I have done it plenty of times

you can get banned for gamescore modding :laughing:

I havent
I use a different method to unlock my Gamescore
Its Not Bannable.

And what is this method?

Depends on what type of mod it is. If it is a modded controller then no but if mod to the xbox system then you verry may well get banned. No Promises, it just happends

You can get banned Till when ever it depends on what mod you do

It depends on the mod. You could get you’re account banned, or you can get console banned along with all of the accounts on it.

Like stated it depends.
Gamerscore you just get reset
Games you more then likely will just get ban from the game

But there is the possibility of an account and console ban

Gamerscore modding = gamerscore reset

Black ops modding = Banned

Avatar modding = Banned ( Somtimes )

ya u can thats how my account got perma ban

You can get banned for anything its just according to how they feel that day like once i just got code of conduct…just for changing my moto so i could put words thats not normally allowed…and ive got modded gamerscore and never got banned

Its true. I got reset. Its not a ban its a reset btw. My achievements and all my gamerscore went to zero and when I unlock the achievements again it doesn’t give me the gamerscore. But I recklessly modded mine to 400k. Just becareful when u mod urs and u won’t get caught. :thumbsup:

If you mod your gamerscore in moderation you won’t be caught, reset or banned. Just don’t add more than a normal person could unlock in a day or get a ridiculous amount.