If you could mix 1 to 5 movies/games/tv shows ->

<- As a new movie/Tv Show/Game/sequel

A( What would they be
B( What would you do if you could direct or make it.

A: The Goonies x E.T. x The Karate Kid x Game of Thrones x Borderland: The Pre-Sequel

B: Sloth, E.T. & The Karate Kid are stranded on a medieval themed planet in the far reaches of space. They must work together to survive. The good news is they have a gazillion weapons to possibly acquire if they’re wise & lucky enough to get that far. Oxygen tanks are fairly easy to come by. E.T. doesn’t need them, but Sloth slurps them down like Baby Ruth candy bars, Karate Kid is very good with conservation and should be good with 1 per day. Little do they know all their arch enemies will be arriving sooner than later. Will they bond together and survive, or will they perish? Will Jon Snow save the day? Who knows what will happen.

In theaters July 2018!

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You were just waiting for someone to ask this question, weren’t you? Lol.

Sounds awesome to me. I hope I get more peeps to come in say some awesome mixes. ~:)

@Sykotik it’s okay, I was going to do an example and said screw it as I would of derailed as well. Anyway,.Awesome game idea. You should go into game design.

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I can understand you’re worry but we’re doomed anyway. So make the most of you’re life and do what you want to do, don’t end up like me being jobless and a dream that’ll never happen.