If you need some players for the next Raid Click Here!

Some friends of mine asked me to make a clan for rewards in the next raid so if you’re still looking for a team feel free to join. (I wont be on Destiny until the DLC so dont send me INVs just yet) :laughing:


BTW make sure you set it as your Xbox Team so you get the name under your GT in game and the rewards.

What rewards do you get from being in a clan on Destiny ?

The power of friendship!

And manly bonding time!!! lol I joined will be on the moment it launches ahahah gonna dominate this raid quick!!

Milk and cookies is the reward

I only expected 5 to join for the raid lol but my friend told me you get achievements and grimore cards for completing raids as a clan. If you’re joining make sure to make it your xbox clan.

I still haven’t done the vog yet lol. I’m never on when my friends do it, and no one wants to Sherpa me through it.

I’m really starting to hate the hours I work.