I'll be introducing myself again

It’s been a while. I logged back in to check up on the site, I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t even had time to do anything.

Name And Gamertag
Hey, I’m Jake. I used to go by Death a lot, my gamertag right now is GoS Death. It was my main account, and I’ve sold pretty much any other account I had. I don’t play xbox anymore, though!

Gaming Console(s)
I own a few xbox 360s and an xbox one.

Halo 3 was my big game. If anyone remembers me it’s probably from there. I’m thinking of getting Destiny and trying out some gaming stuff again.

Past Modding Experience
Everything. :smile:

I build gaming computers, for myself and others. I like to game on my computer when I have time, but lately I’ve been partying it up a bit. University does that to a person haha.

Nice man, welcome back! :smiley:

Welcome back bud

Welcome back and hope to see you stay active this time. There is no need for a new introduction thread seeing as you’ve already made one.