I'll Just Leave this Here

Found by sh042067 and Experiment:

i dun get it
Edit: First :stuck_out_tongue:

WTF is this?

EDIT: why do you keep changing it for?

It’s a code of some sort lol.

No one gets it…

Are we supposed to? :open_mouth:

97NOQS9N8S8N9R9O9N8O96QSQS8P909P969298918PQS9090QS 91OOP4


Think bits… haha!

I convertered it to Hexadecimal, and got NaN!

He obviously giving a Code to something may be some thing to involve w/ the update for horizon… (edit : Actually it is something to do with Horizon it says its in the spot Horizon modding :stuck_out_tongue: )
if you don’t know don’t Post

OT: Not into Programming sorry


why do devs always post things like this :confused:

Show their talent?

Another hint?

Think bits hmm i googled and found nothing so i gave up

Ummm… Lol my profession is GPD’s and gamesaves (lol I know it’s easy)

Next step: ISO’s! :smiley:


You working alongside Cheater now?!

I changed it haha


:anguished:…Atleast you understood it LOL.