I'm back after a long prison stint

What’s up guys. I’m back. No one really knows me well here but I did play with @Nick a little back in the day. Life has been very hectic. Got out of prison back in Febraury and I’ve been clean for Meth and Heroin since February. I’m due to get off parole next August! I’m back because now that my life has settled down I’m looking to be part of a community for my love. Gaming! Anyways. How have you guys been since XboxMB days? Because that’s the last time I’ve been here lol.


Welcome back dude, hope everything goes smooth from now :slight_smile:

Bet you can see the site changed since last time.
We are focusing on PC games now with Infinity, check it out if you have time.

I see that and I’m still buckled down with a gen 1 Xbox 360. So I’m definitely stuck on this for awhile. I want to see what’s up with infinity tho, it looks top of the line fsure!

I know this is old but wanted to welcome you back, awesome you can keep yourself clean from that crap :sunny: