Im New, Also i dont have diamond. What games can i still mod?

hello, im new to horizon, and i need help. i dont have diamond. what games can i still mod… and how do i mod them? if anyone out there is willing to help, i will be greatly gratified .

There’s a list here, but it’s probably a bit outdated: Horizon | Games that are free and require Diamond!

To mod one of your game saves simply move the save from your 360’s storage device to a USB drive. Plug the USB drive into your PC and open Horizon. Find the game save in Horizon’s device explorer and open it in it’s editor. Make the changes you want and then hit the red Save button. Now you can move it back to your 360’s storage device or just load it from the USB drive after you start the game. It’s also a smart idea to make a backup of your original untouched save just in case something goes wrong or if you want to go back to playing the game without mods. To make a backup simply drag the save from device explorer out to your desktop.

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Well you will need

1. USB
2. A Computer (Seems you got it)
3. Xbox 360

A Game From The List

List of games.

How to mod a game on 360

  1. Start you game that you would like to mod
  2. Put a save on the USB that you have in your 360
  3. Plug in the USB into your computer
  4. Open Horizon and find the save that you want to edit
  5. Edit the save to your liking
  6. Rehash and Resign and ReSave to the USB
  7. Put your USB back into your xbox and load the game
  8. When it ask what drive you would like to choose pick your USB

Then your done

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thank you

Thank you