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I'm New Here And Wanted To Say Hello


Hello everyone! How are you today? I’m kinda new here and just wanted to introduce myself a little, and share with you why I chose to be a part of this community. I’ve actually been a diamond member for a few years now, but I really haven’t done much since then due to work. The reason why I joined was to help myself with some of my Xbox achievements. I was still in High School when the original Xbox came out, but my parents had NO desire to have the internet which meant I couldn’t get on Xbox Live to play with friends. That was no big deal at first. It wasn’t until the 360 came out when I was missing out a lot more than before because achievements were now available to be earned.

I’m older now and living on my own. I work at a full time job that I hate, but have my own internet and access to Xbox Live. Sadly, however, there was still a problem: because of the Xbox One, the 360 and 360 games are obsolete. Most of the games that I played over at a friend’s house are most likely no longer on the servers. If not, then chances are no one would still be playing those games. I tried Tomb Raider and saw that it was still on the server, but no one showed up in the lobby. Last night I tried Gotham City Imposters. I’ve played that game before and decided to download the trial version last night. Thankfully that game is still active, so now I plan on buying the full version of the game.

Anyways, that’s my short story of myself and my situation. I’m just gratefully I found this this program and being a part of this great community. Thanks.


Well welcome to wemod nice place here. Ya horizon was a big deal when 360 was alive still a great tool. Loved to cheat myself but couldn’t with xbox anymore so thats when had to get a PC to use wemod trainers .
Lotta nice people here and if you ever need help just ask
Welp have fun


Thanks and I will. I honestly want to unlock the achievements myself. It’s only the online ones I’m going to have to use Horizon for. Unfortunately I’m going to have to start a new LIVE account because my Tomb Raider achievements got out of order after I redownloaded my profile. I’m not sure what happened, but as long as I can start one over again using the same gamertag and email address and not get banned, then I’m sure everything will be fine. Take care.

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