I'm new here What up

Yo yo yo! in the online world I go by ‘Whisper Wren’ or ‘Wren’, and IRL I go by Reeve or Keanu.
I only recently started using WeMod. I wanted introduce myself to the WeMod community because why not lol. My favorite genre of video games is RPG, MMO, and Open world Sandboxes. I also find strategy and card based games fun from time to time.

I usually play on PC, because my PS4 is the big dead (RIP) I do however play on PS4 once in a blue moon when it decides to work, so there’s that. My other hobbies include stuff like Motocross, Drumming, Mixology, Muay Thai, and just hanging out. I’m currently a Second year Uni student, and Work so I’m not always online but I try my best and a love a good sesh.

That’s pretty much it hey, but thanx for reading! Let me know about your favorite games and hobbies and hmu if anyone wants to play some Baldur’s Gate 3 with me down below, I look forward to meeting you all!

Thanx again and peace out Xx ‘3’

Welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

What games are you currently playing, besides Baldur’s Gate 3?

I used to play a lot of FFXIV online now i’m playing albion online
i don’t mind a bit of League of legends, Ark Survival evolved or genshin impact