In browser game support?

Sorry about all the suggestions, but what about in-browser games like say Runescape or Quake Live where you play in-browser. I know cheat-engine works for some games by editing memory so I’m sure Infinity could.

Runescape would not work. There’s not much you can do other than bots.

Thanks, I don’t play Runescape so I don’t know much about it. But I know its a popular in browser game.
I’m sure theres a lot people play. Just trainers for fun would be cool for those types of games.

Many browser games are quite authoritative so there’s not a ton that can be done. There’s plenty that aren’t, but most are single player, etc. What fun is that then…

Wont work with many multiplayer games now adays, but simple flash games maybe. Those would work fine.

Most browser games do all of the computation from the server side, so memory editing most likely wouldn’t lead anywhere.