In Forza Horizon, how easily can I get banned for adding secret cars online?

I’ve always been so paranoid about getting banned online… and I’ve never taken action onto my online account. I have done it on an offline account, but now I think that I should stop being a wussy. But does anyone know some of the safest ways to not get banned? BTW: I am new to this horizon modding tool, so I may get just a bit confused.
All I really want is all of the secret cars, and the S5S Raptor. I’d also like to go onto online free roam with these cars, but only with my friend. Anything to tell me about what I should do to prevent a ban?

Just be careful, don’t add all the cars at once and make sure your friend doesn’t report you ! :smiley:

Adding Unicorns is safe.

Adding secret (traffic) cars and going online is an instant perma ban for your profile and console.

W-wait… But why can’t I add all the cars at once? I’m just curious… Is there… something wrong with that? Or is there something that’s just too loud about that? Shouldn’t I go offline to collect the cars, though?

dont worry you wont i have tried it and very did get banned

You can add all the unicorns. You can even add money. DO NOT add the traffic cars though, that will result in a ban.

There is only one way to use traffic cars and not get banned: NEVER EVER PLAY ONLINE - EVER!
I put the traffic cars in my game, used them, removed them and didn’t play the game for months. Then I made a new game save and I still got banned for using the traffic cars in the first one and it kills the game, trust me. They’ve tried to really crack down on it.

So, I can add all the unicorns at once, and MAYBE be able to go online with my friend. Same with the money. But do not add traffic cars. Are you guys SURE about this? If I fail, and get banned, my sisters are gonna kill me… And still, how easily can I get caught even just for adding money?

I was banned for adding the traffic cars but in forza motorpsort 4 i added the unicorn cars and 950 million credits (max is 1 billion) and didnt get banned. You are fine. When forza horizon 2 comes out and you want to mod money, dont mod a lot. Only mod maybe 25 million and wait a few months then add all you want because they suspend people who again too much too quickly (ie a billion dollars on the first day of release.)

Hope this helps :smile:

THIS! Don’t add traffic cars. Everything thing else should be fine IN MODERATION.

Keep in mind, there is a chance you will be banned. You are modding, and even a little mod is in violation of the ToU and can result in a bad. You take that risk whenever you mod.

i added a bus and a truck and have raced them online. I havent been banned at all, not even temporary. so buses are safe :smile:

i modded mine to the max. max money. all unicorn and traffic vehicles and i havent been banned and i modded that ages ago. so you should be relatively safe. just as everyone has said. mod in moderation. cuz you are still in violations.

Happy Modding

I will personally say from experience that as long as you don’t send any unicorn and/or citizen cars, you will be fine. If someone tries to send you any unicorn and/or citizen cars don’t accept them; you’ll just increase your chance of getting banned. Also just to be even safer, don’t sell any unicorn and/or citizen cars while being logged into Xbox Live; log out first, sell the car(s) and then log back on.