In Need Of Help! An error has occured while extracting from the package!

Please help me… I was transfering a Minecraft World and then this message popped up when I tried Save,Rehash, and Resign… An error has occured while extracting from the package! Details: The process cannot acess the file 'C:Users/BlakeFreeman/Documents/savegame.dat’because it is being used by another process. Please Help Me !

Whats the ids?

You will have to open one of your own saves, there you will find them. (just use the profile id, the others are not necessary)

You Guys Are The Bomb!!! I would pay you if I had money! Thank you! You just saved many days of work on my world!

Theres another problem with it… It now says Stfs: reference to illegal block number 0x170B [0xC0000032] . Can you help me with this now.

I don’t know if you can fix that. I have seen people posting about that before but that was for profiles, and the fix was to delete and recover the file through xbox live.

Maybe @SteveWonda knows a fix or something since he’s usually the guy who handles Minecraft things here.

@IceyFresh46 Can you upload the save and post a link or post the link where you got it? I can try on my end and see if I get errors or not. If I don’t I can give you easy directions to get it working on your end.

I forgot, you can upload it directly from your PC to WeMod. Use the upload option when replying.

Ok… Here’s the story on how I got it, I created a mine craft survival world and I wanted to mod it so I did my normal thing and plugged the flash drive in and extracted the save then I opened it on my modding program. After I was finished modding it I replaced the existing save and save, rehashed, and resigned but I think I pulled my flash drive out to fast… Here’s the link to drop box which has the save game…Save Game Link

Ok I will check it out. But you should try again and make sure that modding program is closed. Having a file you’re trying to mod open in ANY other tool/place can produce those errors.

@IceyFresh46 Ok, so I was able to drag it into Horizon, it opened fine. I changed it to my profile ID, then saved, rehashed & resigned & then saved to my device, all went fine. Then I tried to load it on our 360 and it just wouldn’t load, I tried 3 times, nothing. Not sure what the issue is but I think you probably modded a value too high or something. Also make sure you never have a file open in another program when trying to modify it with Horizon or any other program. Post back if you still need help or let us know that you resolved your issue. Good luck!

It still says Stfs: reference to illegal block number 0x170B [0xC0000032] . And every time I try to extract the save game it creates a new file on my desktop.

This is what the file looks like on my desk top.

This is what the modding program says.

Did you add any pc only items? I remember reading something about how the nbt editor corrupts the save if you select the wrong options.

No all I did was add a spawner into my inventory (Which is in the xbox minecraft coding) and changed the rain time to 2000000.

Do you think it could be that I took the flash drive out to fast and it didn’t fully process?

If you notice on the second picture it says savegame_d.dat… Thats not normal… Do you know what that is?

Its suppost to say savegame.dat

Do you a backup of the save from before you modded it?