In Need of New Laptop

Hello Horizon Community…

My morning was a washout. My laptop had gotten soaked from the rain when walking to school. I had done diagnostics to see other problems. Thankfully there wasn’t any. Only problem was the CRT monitor. It had soaked up so much water, it had burned its self out after ~15 minutes or so. The HDMI and VGA still worked. Ram was still good. HDD/SSD still spinning. Just can’t see anything.

I had a HP Notebook 2000 2d19wm. Originally it had Windows 8 (Ain’t going to happen). I put Win 7 Pro.

For what I like doing on it is minor video editing (Movie Maker and Vegas Pro), light gaming, coding/scripting, web browsing and text editing.

If I could have suggestions on what to get next that be great…
(MEME Joke…)

I have a budget between $150 ~ $380.

Thank you :smile:

This is similar to what you have and comes with win 7 Pro: Newegg link
I recommend getting a waterproof backpack so this doesn’t happen again.

I might be getting this just for typing, this is currently the cheapest laptop on they have some for $230 too. I know you can afford more, but again like Steve said, you should get a waterproof case, or bag.
Edit: Posting the other links in a few minutes

Thank you Steve for the link. dustinbl2, I looked at my local best buy and they were fresh out but thank you for the suggestion. An edit for the story… My bag had a hydrophobic spray on it. It had leaked though a seam.