In need of trainer for Fishing Planet ASAP!

I’ve been playing the game for weeks and can’t make any damned progress past level 15 which has driven me to near insanity looking online for hacks/cheats/trainers for the game, but literally none of them work, plus the “request” for infinity has been completed for over a month as far as I know and it still hasn’t come out yet. if infinity can’t mod it, does anyone know of a way to hack/cheat the game?

It’s an online game isn’t it?
Infinity won’t make a cheat for an online game.
As for others. They will have a hard time aswell and most likely it’s not worth it especially if the values are server sided

It’s not going to happen.

Just FYI: there’s no trainers for this game, there’s a few fake click-bait sites claiming to have a trainer but all they probably have is malware. (Just did a quick google search and saw that)

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it IS online, BUT you are able to play it offline if you just turn off your wifi/unplug your ethernet you can play it offline.

And also if you cut your ethernet cord and throw your router out the window , then well ya

Does your progress etc save if you play it offline?

yes it does, but do keep in mind, that is the case with games like TheHunter Call Of The WIld, which Infinity has released cheats for.

They’re completely different ganes. Htcow is completely offline.

Hello it is possible to mess with this game there is a esp hack with a few option to have no fight with fish a esp that give fish info like type and weight. it works but what i would like to see is if there is a way to lock current weight of the fish net in order to continue keeping fish in a day and bank alot of money on the end. With the hack i have used it shows signs that some things in game can be used client side to our advantage the real question is how can we work with the client to gives u a better advantage on the money front XD (the creator of the hack is haxzingterr0r you can find him on youtube for this)