Incorrect String error for watch dog mod


I want to mod my Watch Dog save but i have the error message ‘‘le format de la chaine d’entrée est incorrecte’’.

In English is Incorrect String.

A solution for me ? i paid one month just for mod Watch dog …

Thank you

My save :

Operating System; Windows 7:

Have you tried re-installing .NetFramework 3.5+:

try injecting it or use modio

Can you explain , injecting it ?? why use Modio , modio can not mod the save …

I modded your save for you, I gave you all outfits, cars, etc. I also maxed your money, skill points, and all of that, if you have any other issues with the save or if you want it edited to your liking just tell me.

As far as the issue goes, I would uninstall Horizon and reinstall using this link and see if it works.

OK i test tonight for reinstall horizon.

Can you send me my save modded ? i don’t see where download it.

Thank you

My bad, I didn’t link it I must of forgot.

i test to mod my save an other computer (XP) with new install of Horizon and don’t works.

i have the same error … :frowning:

i want to say why and find a solution … (if i have the error for other mods ??)

Could you post a screenshot of your error?

Error in French :

Full Screen :

Do you get this error with any other tools?

i have no error if i wan mod GTA V save or Fifa 15 save … just for Watch Dogs.

Maybe your Watch Dogs save is corrupted, you might need to start all over…

But you mod my save with Horizon mod ?? why it work with you and not me …

Hmm, that is what I am confused about… I really don’t know what would cause the problem, unless your profile is corrupted.

i don’t understand why my save won’t work on my horizon mod tool but my save work on YOUR horizon tool mod …


try deleting the save on the usb, clean the cache and just copy the save from the hdd to the usb again. that usually works for me when i get a error like that.

But the save on my hdd don’t work. and i test a new save (COD AW) and i have the same error …

i test with other game on the internet and others computers ; i have already the error ‘‘incorrect /invalide string error’’

The error is due to your regional and language settings on your computer. In we French we use a comma to delimit decimals whereas in English they use a dot.

L’erreur est causée par les paramètres de région et de langue de ton ordinateur. En français on utilise la virgule pour délimiter les décimales, tandis qu’en anglais ils utilisent le point.