Incorrect VAC Incoming on CSGO

First of all, there is no trainer for CSGO. But after screwing around with battlefield hardline story mode, I accidentally left Infinity on, and I played a full Competitive game. After I finished it and left, I saw that this application was still opened. And my heart dropped. I have over 500 hours on this game and I absolutely hate people that cheat in public games. I just need help. Has anyone else ever done this and gotten a VAC ban? I’ve already contacted steam support, which last time I did this with another problem, it took them 1 week to respond.


There is no reason you would get a Vac ban from Infinity just being open.

I hope so.

Ya well if nothing was modded or you used any cheats nothing shouod happen

Well people get VAC banned for having Cheat Engine open in the background. So I thought having infinity open in the background would trigger a VAC

Well, i dont see why you should be banned for that.
However, you havent gotten the VAC Ban yet at leasts ao i bet you are in luck and wont get banned.

Correction, people dont get VAC banned for having “Cheat Engine open in the background” , you get kick and blacklisted by the server , but you can restart the pc and then join again in other server. Even after some not long time you can join the same server again.

VAC ban is when you get this

Other programs that can cause this temporal “blacklisted” status:

  • CCleaner
  • Powershell
  • Sandboxie
  • IObit Start Menu 8
  • Process Hacker
  • DLL Injectors
  • Hypervisors
  • Steam Idlers

You could be banned if you didn’t turn off the trainer after using it for singleplayer.

Well VAC bans are delayed, at least I think they are.

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Some are pretty instant and some can be very much delayed.
But time will tell

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No if you where playing battlefield hardline shut the game off and started playing csgo no because there are no cheats for that game anyhow

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But VAC don’t know this. Not saying it has a brain or something, but even if there is no cheat for this certain game, it could think that your using that application (Infinity) is being used to cheat. And what I think happens is that there is a probability of you getting instantly getting VAC banned and if you, I think, getting tagged as a cheater, then when the next big can wave comes around and you get banned. Just a thought.

Anyways, I think that I’m safe. Thanks to you all who responded. I will delete this post in maybe a couple of days.

Infinity doesn’t run on magick. A trainer needs to be injected into a game before it can be used. Restart the game after cheating in singleplayer and you should be fine.

Ok. I’m safe then.

no you wont get banned. vac only bans you for applications that have a signature in their database.

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