Infectable No clip/God Mode for all [World at War]


Seeing as how samplez and cheytac arent online atm
I’ll keep an open lobby going for the God and Noclip
I got infected with these from someone else i take no credit
same basic principles
Just in order to give everyone greater chance of enjoying this


All You have to do is

  • Join My session
  • Back out of the private match lobby
  • Go to split-screen
  • Start match WITH the checker board map. DO NOT CHANGE MAP.
  • Press the BACK button.
  • Rejoin my game, back out and start a private match
  • Change map from checker board.
  • Press the back+start button.
  • Leave and then go annoy the hell outa people online

Back Button- Noclip
Start Button- God Mode
Infectable clan tags also
Just change to
I cant remember others

Post legit in order to verify its legit-ness

Hosting around an Hour =)

Return the favor?


Ill do this for around an hour then I would like to enjoy it myself =)

Dude is legit, but how do i end it when you bind godmode with the start button?

I’ve been trolling with these mods all day >.< But thanks for doing this:3

wait for the game to finish.

Join a friends session or before u start the splitscreen game set it to search and destroy with one round then
Plant and let it explode
Game Finished

Thanks man :smile: gonna have fun with this.

edit: no one was joining, I’ll just go rape online ^.^

are you still doing this?

i am for now. Xi Ironmaan xD


im doing this for about another 10 - 15 minutes then going back online.

ahhkay. im not hosting anymore.

anyone can infect me?

Is anyone else still infected?

im still infected but i cant infect other people >.<

Damit I Need infections :anguished:

You can quit by hitting the guide button. It brings up the start menu

I actually never thought abut this O.o Thanks for telling us.

Dazzaaa is there anyway of me getting infected? Or you getting the infections back to infect others

i have the infection now.but because ive been on a online game i dont have the checkered map. which means i cant infect other people.

inv - mixuh


so no one is infecting atm/???