Infected by Horizon setup wizard

Ok, so first off, even tho im a newish member, it doesnt mean im a newbie with horizon :wink: just havent been onto forums that much. as a user at least. but anyway, i’ve had a very old version of horizon for a long time, when i finally tried again to install the newest one from the site, it finally started to download the actual horizon, not a file to be opened on ie, chrome, etc. anyway, i installed it, started the horizon setup wizard, i just fast ran thru the setup wizard because i wanted to mod my assassins creed games :stuck_out_tongue: after done (i had no anti-virus program on since i have experience of them screaming when trying to install horizon(or launching)) i re-activated my anti-virus program (i use avast) nothing, then i decide to open opera, first off, the starting page was something else than the operas starting page or google. no way i have either visited that site. also, theres atleast 4-7 ads per page i enter, popup ads too, every 2nd click it popups another ad on another tab. its f***ing frustrating. i even have no idea what virus/malware i downloaded, and where. any help on this one from experience?

Check your installed programs, check for any search engines that are installed and uninstall them

Next time be patient and decline the third party installations

I usually am careful with third party program installations, i just wanted it to be done fast :stuck_out_tongue: i dont know, i was tired and just a while before that woke up. :stuck_out_tongue: And nope, nothing in the installed programs. even tried running avast for several hours. next gotta try finding a good (and free) anti-malware program… damn.

I suggest downloading malwarebytes anti-malware.