Infection Free Zone Cheats and Trainer for Steam

The Infection Free Zone cheats have been updated!


  • Add 50 Canned Food cheat added
  • Add 50 Fuel Canister cheat added
  • Add 50 Ammo Crates cheat added
  • Add 50 Bricks cheat added
  • Add 50 Raw Material cheat added
  • Add 50 Wood cheat added
  • Add 50 Fertilizer cheat added
  • Add 50 First Aid Kit cheat added
  • Add 50 Explosives cheat added
  • Add 50 Tank Ammo cheat added
  • Add 50 Vegetables cheat added
  • Add 50 Raw Meat cheat added
  • Add 50 Electronics cheat added
  • Add 50 Basic Tools cheat added
  • Add 50 Advanced Tools cheat added
  • Add 50 Scientific Materials cheat added
  • Add 50 Planks cheat added
  • Add 50 Pistol cheat added
  • Add 50 Sniper Rifle cheat added
  • Add 50 Assault Rifle cheat added
  • Add 50 Shotgun cheat added
  • Add 50 Soldier Gear cheat added
  • Add 50 Bow and Arrow cheat added

thank you so much for the new mods and for the update. the mods work perfectly to anyone set the resource mods to F5 as that is what i did and thy work

Unlimited health does not fully work as you can lose squad members to injuries from attacks

Mods don’t work. Was on the Italy map that is suggested. Went to get the books and all 4 people I sent in died within seconds. And unlimited health and one hit kills. Nether worked. also tried to add 50 crate of food and it also did nothing.

Works really fine for me (unlimited health for squads, freeze time)
I don’t really play with unlimited food as the adder works fine (too fine).
Maybe could add a reset for storage.
The buildings Unlimited Health is the only one for me that don’t work.

Thanks again for updating :slight_smile:

Throwing in my 2 cents since people are getting mixed results

Worked for me:

+50 Canned food, +scrap, +wood, +ammo
Unlimited building hp
Instant research
Instant building

Did not work:

Unlimited squad hp (they actually took damage like normal and died)

One hit kill (no observed effect for squads nor towers on neither infected nor scavengers)

Sort of works:

+50 scientific materials (works; you get 50 books. but to have them become research points you have to have a squad pick up the books from the warehouse, then walk outside, walk back in and ‘deliver’ the books for it to get counted to the research points. just adding 50 books does not automatically equate to 50 instant research points without hauling them in manually)

Thanks for the feedback. The trainer is already in the queue for updating. It’s currently #8.

Just wanted to pop in and say that the food only works if it’s picked up and dropped off for when it gets updated. Thank you for working on this!

Question: Should we wait until the game reaches #1 on Q list? or because #1 and #2 have different trainer devs it means #2 may get an update before #1

The Infection Free Zone cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements
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Unlimited Health still doesn’t work, my squad members are still dying. Every other mod works perfectly though. Thank you for this update.

I can confirm that as of the Version 14 BETA update the Unlimited Health does not work Squad Units still die if the red reaches 100%. Tested May 16th 2024

all the resource mods work if you select the HQ or Warehouse first then use mod, unselect and reselect. You should notice that the items in the item slots of the storage has gone up. It takes awhile for the item counter at the top of the screen to update (most of the time)

The Infection Free Zone cheats have been updated!


  • Unlimited Squad Health cheat added

my squad died anyway with cheat on.

The Infection Free Zone cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements
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The Freeze Time cheat does NOT appear to be working. It was working just a day or 2 ago but now it doesn’t.
I’ve restarted both WeMod and the game but time still moves regularly. The other cheats appear to work.
Any suggestions?

got the same bug as Saunga1 was working like this morning now wont work at all have not tested other cheats but the time moving is starting to ■■■■ me as i like to explore at least a small area around my hq before doing other things and the constant popups of messages and other crap is driving me insane at the min

Hey there, apologies for the inconvenience. It’s being forwarded to the team for testing, and will follow up with you for any updates.


I have an update from the testing team to confirm that Freeze Time works on their end. Please ensure you are currently utilizing the latest trainer version. You can find this under Mods Version. Also, try to use the mods in New Save and activate the mods you are having trouble with on the main menu. See if this made a difference.

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now getting something else none of the cheats seem to be working as of the last 2 hrs went back to the game and had had them working fine when i quit last night now nothing none what so ever seem to work and they were about 8 hrs ago