Infinite Loading Screen on offline mode

Does it work without an internet connection?
I will stay 2 days without internet and try to open it and stay on the loading screen forever

Hello there.

As long as the trainer is downloaded onto your PC (you’ve used it at least once while connected to the internet, even if it was for a couple of minutes), then you can use it offline.

Which game and which platform?

I’ve used it several times, but today I’m disconnected and I couldn’t open the trainer
Pirate Horizon Zero Dawn

That’s probably why we dont support cracked games and it probably did work till the trainer was updated. So need to find a newer crack

We don’t provide trainers or any support for illegally-acquired copies of games. WeMod cannot and will not support illegal activity.

You’ll need to purchase the game legitimately in order to be able to use third-party software flawlessly, such as trainers and player-made mods.