Infinity after new update doesnt work

After the newest update i got, it loads but quickly goes to beeing just blue screen woth nothing on it. Any help would be apreciated

We’re still trying to reproduce this on our own machines, but aren’t having much luck. Please try the following:

  • Disable your firewall.
  • Reset your Windows network settings back to their defaults temporarily (if they were ever changed).
  • Ensure that the Windows Management Instrumentation service is running in Task Manager (Services tab).
  • Run Infinity.exe with the --disable-gpu flag.
  • Go to file properties of Infinity.exe, Compatibility tab, and set it to Windows 8.
  • Update your video card driver.

This is an issue with the framework Infinity runs on, so it’s difficult to diagnose. Above are all the possible solutions I’ve heard of. Please let me know if any of them did the trick!


Thank you so much for help changing the compatibility setting to Windows 8 helped me.

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Hey, we’re finally making progress with this error :smiley:

Which of those fixes didn’t work for you, and which ones didn’t you try? I want to narrow this down.

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