Infinity and its proplem

after i installed infinity a virus came on this pc (witch is still here) so i have to put in a ethernet cable to use the internet and i cant make a complete restart either a serius proplem in my eyes and its not acceptable

Where did you download Infinity from?

from this site :confused:

@frank @Chris
Hopefully Frank or Chris might be able to lead you in the right direction.

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im going to have a new pc cause of this proplem

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll have to get a new computer for any virus. This site is also secured so the virus didn’t come with Infinity though you may have gotten it at the same time. What makes you think it’s a virus and not just a driver error?

I can help guide you through either issue.

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when i had infinty without internet it came with a long string of codes thou i did not save that code and my family agrees on its a virus but we have been thinking on the internal stuff and bitdefender can only find 2 thing witch its blocking but anything is possible

No offense to your family but I need more to go on than their overall opinion. I have fixed dozens of issues that people thought were a virus when they weren’t. Whenever a computer does something unexpected or stops working the first thing people think of is a virus but that’s generally not the case. What code are you referring to? One that popped up on the screen or was emailed to you? The only one that should popup on the screen is when you first establish the remote feature with a smartphone or tablet.

BitDefender is a good product. Are your definitions up to date on it? Try and update it and rescan your computer with it. I know that can take a while but it’s good to do a thorough check.

To better help I need to know what all is going on, is it just that the wireless is no longer wireless? I also need to know what version of windows is it? (7, 8, or 10) I’ll try and include screenshots to make the process easier for you.


my family is quite up to date when it comes to pc and i understand what you are saying and here is the awnser to your questions

its one that pops up on the screen i dont know if it comes to my mail cause i have not been able to get acces to my own mail :confused: and im not trying to get acces with my phone

bitdefender is up to date and im currently scanning agiand

im using windows 10 as it was forced down on it

when im trying to get wi-fi it wont turn on and if it says its on then its only visual as it says its off somewhere else

i have been thinking of a new pc so this kinda a good opetunity to get a new one

I can assure you infinity is not a virus, if it was i wouldn’t be here. I honestly don’t know what the problem is, is infinity giving a pop up? Is infinity not starting?

Or are you worried about the detections that bitdefender might have given to infinity? Some AVs give false positive detection for infinity due to its nature but considering your situation, i am not sure if it’s a false positive or something else going on?. Can you post screenshots or perhaps better explain it. What is internet to do with infinity and why can’t you restart your pc?

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Seems funny 1000 of other people downloaded it from here and didn’t get a virus
As with mine every time infinity has a update my antivirus says it a virus but I just hit the allow button and it’s fine ! :grinning:


It sounds like op just got an error and their grandma yelled “IT’S A VIRUS!”. A virus probably wouldn’t show its code to you, it would just run it in the background. And if your “up-to-date” family thinks you need to buy a new computer everytime it gets infected they are either idiots or have no idea how to use a computer, or just very rich and lazy.

Bitdefender did block infinity for me a week or so ago, saying it was malware. I just unblocked it and nothing has happened since.


Thank you for seeing this thread snake.

To the op. I’m using Infinity myself and never had any problems. No weird background processes no code showing nothing. What you have has nothing to do with infinity and is a problem with your system or something else you downloaded.
And I agree with snake 100%. If a computer gets infected by anything there’s no need to buy a new one.

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He probably clicked Ctrl+Shift+D :open_mouth: Oh no virus
Very long code, must be virus

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okay alot of questions and some jokes :confused:
STN infinity is starting and will pop up with a wierd code but i decided to delete infinity and took no screen shots and im not worried about bitdefender gives off something. as i said after i downloaded infinity from this site i was unable to use wi-fi and had to use a cable from the router to get the internet and when i try to reset my pc it will say it incountered a proplem and did nothing

ptondo bitdefender says there is something even after completly removed infinity.

snake my grandma did not say anything about it and my family tried to get it fixed before buying a new one
and we do know how to use a pc and rich is one thing we are not. sadly…

n1cetomeetyou the only other thing i downloaded was horizon from this site too witch is also gone and this pc have not been infected in many years if at all.

mrprecise haha very funny -_-

A virus that only disables the wifi-driver? Your familly is not to be trusted with computer advice. Go to a professional if you have to.

All you have to do the reset a computer is to wipe the harddrive and reinstall the os (the windows installer should even give you an option wipe the files before installing, making it very simple). Any slightly computer literate individual will know this.

You have showed that you are either a troll or don’t know what you are talking about.


as i said ealier i cant reset my pc one way or the other but ■■■■ it i have had plans on getting a new one i simply had to say what i incountered and im not a troll -_-

You accused the site for distributing malware. All you have to prove that is a story about of your wifi card isn’t working correctly anymore.

Infinity is not a virus, and it doesn’t have the access to break your computer as it doesn’t run with administrative privileges. It is a coincidence that your computer started acting up after installing Infinity, but you should just be able to reinstall Windows unless the PC is physically broken. Good luck getting everything fixed. If you need help, create a new topic in the PC section!