Infinity and privacy

Hi !
Infinity is a great tool for cheating but I have some concerns about it’s network activity. I saw some strange activity in TCPview. Infinity sends some data everytime it’s launched. Is Infinity a safe software for privacy ? What kind for data is it using ?

Everything reported is anonymous and helps improve Infinity. There is an option in the settings to opt-out of anonymous info reporting.

So nothing besides this reports ?

No. When you launch infinity, it fetches trainer list, authenticate your account info (PRO/non-PRO/login) and the usual stuff to show the app data. It also needs to download trainers and the cheats. Updates to infinity are also checked.

You can choose to share anonymous info which is used to help improve infinity - mostly trainer crashes reports, usage statistics etc. In prior version v2, we used this a lot to help figure out issues with the assembler, why some trainer weren’t working etc. It is anonymous so nobody can be identified. But you can opt-out of it and leave us in the dark.

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Thx for reply. You are really trustworthy :slight_smile:

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