Infinity Automatically turns cheats off about 1 second after turning them on

Title says it all, noticed it while playing dishonored 2. I just had a problem yesterday when infinity didnt work for any game.
I got it to work with the help support, but now I have another problem in which the cheat just automatically turn off.

What did you do to make Infinity work from yesterday?

When the cheats turn off that means the developer has to update them because it doesn’t support your game version.

In order to make infinity work yesterday I had to start infinity after I manually started the game.
But the dishonored 2 cheats were just updated, but I guess they need another update.

Thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

Do you have the game cracked? If so you need to update it to the newest version

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Yea I realized that now.

Thank you

My cheats also have this issue. Using Fallout New Vegas trainer yet none of those things are the issue.