Infinity causes some things in game not to work [Dishonored]

I’m playing dishonored, if I’m Corvo then causes my whirlwind to cause the enemy to stand back up into a fighting stance despite them being dead, but when I’m, Daud the ‘Summon Assassin’ ability the assassins just stand and don’t go towards an enemy. This never used to be an issue, but recently when I went on dishonored again this happened.

  • 64-bit system
  • Running in administrator mode

Please, can someone help?

P.S. The ‘Toggle Unlimited Items’ option doesn’t work or do I need to get past the first mission (Knife of Dunwall DLC) and does it give unlimited runes. and coins as well?

Are you using a cracked version?

@STN Dishonored is your trainer yes?

I am not using a cracked version and yes Dishonored is my trainer.

Never played Dishonored but some games when you start no editing will work because you’re in a state of pretty much what they give you kinda like Assassins Creed when you start you only start with a set of items to use

Not caused by the trainer, i have no idea why you would assume that. Which cheats do you think are causing this ?.

The best rule of thumb in a situation like this would be to play the game without the trainer active, and see if you can recreate the problems. If you can’t recreate the issue, the trainer didn’t cause it. It’s been my experience that a trainer doesn’t cause any issues with a mechanic that it doesn’t touch (resurrecting, turning off actor AI).

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