Infinity cheats not working

saints row 4

I tried reactiving all of them and still nothing

please help if you can

Is there a check mark next to play? I know Saints Row 4 doesn’t like DLL injection and can take several tries.

yes there is a check

@STN I think this is yours

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Take a screenshot?

I tried to use the cheats for Dark Souls 3 they wouldn’t activate and it just shows the red cycle with a red line through it. Do I have to start the game then open up the trainer? Also I am using the STEAM version of it and it’s the Deluxe Edition of the game if that matters. Yes I’ve disabled the online mode and set it to offline status.

Click Play

I’m sorry, but how does that help?

Infinity can’t read minds, you have to tell it what you want to do. Frank is good but not that good.

Telling me to click play doesn’t help or answer this

Yes it does. The red circle means Infinity hasn’t injected into the game which means you need to click play.

You must be a lot of fun at parties

And he probably only drinks water. LoL

ok back to my saints row 4 I beat the game cause I did not want to worry about my infinity issue anymore

but now when I launch saints row 4 in infinity the games load and then instantly crashes

Yeah the game doesn’t like infinity

do you know when it will be fixed??

with infinity v5 hopefully, there are going to be a lot of changes with that release.

@STN when is the release

We do not have a date for release.


Chris we do.