Infinity crashes my Payday 2 whenever I get shot by a taser

Can someone give me a solution?
I only have instant interactions on and even if I turn that off it still crashes.

Never had that problem. Are you having any other mods installed than using the trainer?

I just noticed that it isn’t the time, it is whenever I see a taser and the taser tries to shoot.
I just changed the title.

I really dont know why then, since ive been testing the taser cheat before. Where the taser guy dont inpact you.
Then i would have gotten a crash too.

Do you play on a cracked version?

Maybe the creator can help later on. @unknown_v2

It crashes right as the taser charges up.
If no cheats are activated but Infinity is still connected it still crashes.
It does not happen when Infinity is disconnected
I do not play on a cracked version

I get this issue too, did you manage to find a fix for it? its really annoying and cant even use Infinity with payday when going loud…

Is there a solution to this problem? I also have this issue. It seems not be solved.

I would be very happy about a solution.