Infinity does not pop up!

At the begin on it worked but now it is’nt working anymore cuz If i start Infinity it is starting and on the taskbar i can see the Programm Infinity… but where is the window??? I tried some thinks like changeing the resolution or restarting my Notebook! But i dont get the window to use the programm. I have a Notebook with a second screen so i turned it off and put the cable out of the Notebook but still no window to use the Programm! Is this a bug or did i just do somethink wrong? I reinstalled it a few times. Thanks for the help in advance! (Sorry 4 bad english if i got bet english)

Have you ever been connected to another monitor?

I only have 2 monitors (laptop and tv) and im using them longer than infinity.

Try deleting the cache for Infinity. It is located in appdata/roaming. If that doesn’t fix it delete the entire Infinity folder and reinstall.

Thank you Chris for fixing my issue! i deleted the roaming folder and started Infinity and i saw finally a window! Thanks